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Common Laboratory Apparatus Essay

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Common Laboratory Apparatus
I.   Introduction
Experiments are very important to a Chemist. We can test our hypothesis and come up with a valid conclusion through experimentation. Knowledge of laboratory Apparatus and their functions makes the task at hand of experimentation easier. Laboratory Equipment’s are always present in every laboratory but not all of these apparatuses are commonly used at most occasions, which is why we are required to identify the common Laboratory Apparatuses that we will use frequently. These Laboratory Instruments are important in performing experiments for they provide us with protection from hazardous chemicals that we may encounter in the Laboratory. Each Apparatus has a distinct characteristic, function and use. And as a student of chemistry, it is necessary for us to learn and understand the use of the different laboratory equipment so that we will have no trouble conducting our tests in the laboratory. Improper use of these instruments may cause danger to us as well. That is why before performing any experiment we must be acquainted with these instruments that we will use inside the laboratory and be informed of the Safety Precautions. Most apparatus that we will find in laboratories are made of borosilicate glass. This material can withstand heat and chemical attack. These properties of borosilicate glass make it useful as a component in laboratory apparatus for heating and mixing different chemicals.
These Laboratory Apparatuses were illustrated with their functions to help us in the familiarization of these instruments with the objectives: (1) Identify a given apparatus by giving its name and its functions or use in the laboratory; (2) Choose correctly the appropriate apparatus needed for a specific purpose in an experiment; and (3) Use skillfully a given apparatus in performing a laboratory exercise or experiment.

II.   Methodology
Listed below are the Common apparatuses that are introduced and identified to us in...

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