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Common Information Security Threats Essay

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Common Information Security Threats
CMGT 400
University of Phoenix

Common Information Security Threats
One of the proudest days of my life was when I enlisted into the United States Army as an Information Technology Specialist.   After the two and a half months of Basic Combat Training, I went to Fort Gordon, GA and proceeded to learn everything that I could in the IT field.   After learning the basics of hardware, software, and networking, we took a lot of time to learn the intricate details of the Information Security field.   This would range from viruses and worms, to even insider attacks.   This information was taught to us because as we were coming through the course, the value of cyber-security for the Department of Defense was on a quick and steady rise.   From all of the various threats to the DOD networks, the three that stand out the most are Malware, malicious insiders, and nation-sponsored hacking.
Malware can be described as software that is used or created to disrupt the operations of a user or organization, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private or restricted networks.   Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and even adware.   Malware is most often getting installed on systems when the user is lured through any number of methods to malicious or compromised websites that can exploit one of these client-side vulnerabilities. Once the malicious software is installed, it acts as a Trojan horse software program performing any number of malevolent acts including information stealing key loggers, fast flux botnets, relays, and remote control agents (Prince, 2010). With the DOD network, a big problem is code used in programs such as Flash Player and Adobe Reader, which may be embedded in the programs since these are widely used in the DOD network.   Since the beginning, the enticement of gaining access to a DOD network and possibly uncovering some information that is not meant for the eyes for an everyday citizen has prompted...

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