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Com101 Essay

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Mass Communications

Since the 1970’s, when VHS (video home system) became popular within the everyday household, technology has significantly changed how we are able to access and view all types of movies at home. From watching movies on VHS, renting DVDs, and streaming movies on our computers and cell phones. Two of the major movies streaming providers are: HBO (home box office) and Netflix. These two companies have a lot some of similarities in the service that they provide, but which one of these two movies streaming companies fits you and your lifestyle best?
Before you can determine which movies streaming service is best for you and your lifestyle, we need to go back to how and where each company had their start.
In 1965 the first contract to build a cable franchise was awarded to a cable innovator named Charles Dolan, the cable franchise was to be located in lower Manhattan, NY and was known as Sterling Manhattan Cable. Sterling Manhattan Cable had the idea of doing away with the microwave antennas that sent and received signals, these signals were always being interfered with because of the height of the buildings within New York, and placing the cable wires within the ground. Within the same year, 1965, Time Inc. bought twenty percent of the Sterling Manhattan Cable company, and created a channel called the “Green Channel”. In November of 1972 the “Green Channel” was renamed to HBO (home box office), showing the first hockey match and movie on a paying network, but by September of 1973 Time Inc. completely bought out Sterling Manhattan Cable Company, giving Time Inc. complete control of HBO.
After a slow growth in the first few years, HBO began to grow rapidly by the mid to late 1970’s. HBO expanded through New York and Boston, won court cases that eliminated countless restrictions, and triumphed in getting rates to be increased within the local government. In 1977 the federal government made rulings lifting restrictions on movies and sporting...

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