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Com Week 6 Draft Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Week 6
Many people aren't aware of what PTSD is and what the details of it are. “PTSD is a serious condition in which anyone can get from a traumatic event in their lives and causes them to have severe anxiety.” Many people suffer from the disorder and many more people suffer and don't even know about it because they are unaware of the disorder, the symptoms or how they would go about treating it. Knowing is have the battle and once you know what PTSD is and what to look for then it can help yourself and others who could be suffering from it. Knowing can make a huge difference in your life or someone close to you because many people think they are alone on the journey and with a good support system they can get through the disorder a lot better. Children, teens and adults are all able to get the disorder and war veterans are most likely to have the disorder. With the treatments that are available, a good support system and knowing the facts, many people are able to cope with PTSD.
What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? PSTD is a disorder in which someone suffers/experiences a traumatic event that's causes them to experience anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks and isolation. Anyone at any age can develop the disorder from any type of traumatic event that has put them in fear.   Many war veterans go through this disorder from the experience they have had in war and the things they have seen such as death and having to kill others. It takes an emotional toll on the person and their family members as well. Abused children that are neglected by the care giver may also have a tough time of getting over the disorder because if they are exposed to the trauma for a long period of time they may not be able to recover at all because they aren't use to any other way of living. If the disorder isn't caught and dealt with it can lead to serious consequences such as deep depression that one cant return from or acting as if they are still in the place where they experienced...

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