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Colonial Unification Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Billy Jacobsen
Dbq Colonial unification
On April 19 1775 Colonial Militia formed and fired upon British regulars.   A year and a few months later these colonial militia men became soldiers of the recently created United States of America.   These United States blazed a long and what would almost seem suicidal path to get from 13 very different colonies to achieve the extent of identity and unity they achieved on the eve of revolution.   The colonists were able to unify like they did because of efforts stated in the 1750s.   Benjamin Franklin created the Join or Die poster (Doc A).   This poster depicted the colonies as a snake that was split into twelve parts.   This excluded Georgia.   The slogan called for all the colonies to unify or die.   The poster was created upon the eve of the French and Indian war where France and Britain would square off in the back woods of America with everything on the table at stake.   The colonist also unified because Britain could not control the colonies.   (Doc B)A member of parliament said it would be crazy to try and run the colonies as a few small towns.   This neglect meant the colonies had to create their own rules of commerce and work together to enforce them.     This working together also gave them the identity of a nation not 13 distinct colonies.   While working together gave some sense of identity the hatred of the British.   (Doc C)Mr. Lee says that the British are committing violent acts and that the colonies are unified completely and are willing to defend their liberty.   This resolve was tested when the Continental Congress declared a call to arms (Doc E).   That is a pretty extensive unification, a call to arms against the most powerful empire in the world.   Well it gets even more extensive.   When Boston was in need of relief the surrounding colonies came to her aid (Doc G.)
The extent of unification of the colonies is a great one.   The graduation of ideals and feelings can only be tied to feelings of identity with others...

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