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College Research Essay

  • Submitted by: xristronics
  • on June 21, 2014
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Let's start researching.
I divide research into three levels.
And naturally, we'll begin with level one.
Level one research is very broad research.
The goal of level one is to cut thousands
of college and
university options down to dozens of
college and university options.
The best way to do this broad research is
by first researching what you want.
And the best tools to research what you
want are big search
sites that divide colleges and
universities into large categories.
Now, there are more university search
sites than I can count.
And I have not tried all of them, nor can
I comment on all of them.
But the ones that we're going to refer to
been around for a long time and are very
One thing that I firmly believe, and you
have to keep this in mind, is
that you cannot do your research using
only one web site.
To get the best results, you're going to
want to
use multiple sites and compare the results
that you find.
For this section of the course, I'm going
to use two of these sites for reference.
Big Future by the College Board and
View, which is operated by a company named
Both of these sites operate the same way.
They use a series of filters where you
make choices about what you want in a
Your choices narrow down the number of
potential schools that match you.
With each selection that you make,
universities are either removed or added,
so that you're only left with the schools
that are the best matches.
Now, between these sites, you'll notice
some differences right away.
Big Future offers ten filters, while
CollegeView offers 20 filters.
It doesn't mean that one is better or
worse; it just
means that you have options for how you
want to search.
As you explore these filters, you're going
to notice that many of the subfilters are
related to the features that you can
considered during your self assessment.
Both sites offer information about each
category that you can...

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