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College Paper

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After I graduate high school I would like to pursue a career as a News Analyst, Photographer, or a Television and Motion Picture Camera Operator/Editor.

A News Analyst is someone who goes out and gathers information.   Once they gather the information they make a story and broadcast it to people by magazines, television, or radio stations and present their personal views on the information found. On average a News Analyst makes $51,890 a year in radio and broadcasting. Most broadcasting companies require a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communication.   Others accept a Bachelors of Arts degree and any applicable training that would qualify them for the position i.e.internships and summer jobs with new stations. Employment will begin to decline from now through 2018 as the smaller broadcast stations, online newspapers and magazines will have the best opportunities. News analysts who are able to operate new technology will be successful. Work of news analysts is hectic with pressure of deadlines, Broadcasts with little preparation, and since some news stations are on air 24 hours a day you should expect unusually long hours.

A Photographer is someone who uses a camera to capture moments, create art, or tell a story. Photographers can make $16,920 to $62,430 annually depending on the company. Studies have shown that photographers that work fulltime are more likely to make more money than self-employed photographers. Jobs usually look for someone who has good hand-eye coordination, imagination, creativity, and most of all someone who can operate a camera. Photojournalist, industrial and scientific photographers need a college degree. Freelance and portrait photographers need to be technically skillful which is gained through experience. Employment for photography is expected to keep growing so that means competition will grow.   Job growth is going to be strained by the use of digital photography and prices of equipment.  

A Television and Motion Picture...

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