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Coleridge Feedback Essay

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Timothy Schauer

Professor Millet

Eng. 205


Biography: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“...I became a dreamer -- and acquired an indisposition to all bodily activity -- and I was fretful, and inordinately passionate and as I could not play at anything, and was slothful, I was despised & hated by the boys; and because I could read & spell & had, I may truly say, a memory & understanding forced into almost unnatural ripeness, I was flattered & wondered at by all the old women -- & so I became very vain and despised by most of the boys, that were all near my own age -- and before I was eight years old, I was a character...”

A statement Coleridge made about himself quite sometime after his childhood had already eluded him. In a letter to Thomas Poole, Coleridge would further demonstrate just how fast his mind absorbed literature,

"At six years old I remember to have read Belisarius, Robinson Crusoe, and Philip Quarll – and then I found the Arabian Nights' Entertainments.” I have only read Robinson Crusoe and that not until I was twelve or thirteen.

What a way to be at such an early age, but this was truly

the early life of Coleridge, who said he played by himself or

incessantly read everything he could get his hands on. It’s the

way he had always been. His father, who had been a vicar and the

headmaster of an English grammar school died in 1781 when

Coleridge was only eight years-old. Separation from his family

after he was sent to Christ’s Hospital to study would have

negative effects on his perceptions of himself as he was not

allowed to come home during school breaks. He would even write

about his feelings in a poem named “Separation.”

The dazzling charm of outward form,
The power of gold, the pride of birth,
Have taken Woman’s heart by storm–
Usurp’d the place of inward worth

This poem may very well have been written for someone other than

his mother, but somewhere...

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