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Cold War Timeline Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Cold War Timeline
A Modest Improvement in East-West Relations, 1953-1955
  * March, 1953 – The death of Joseph Stalin occurs.
  * July, 1953 – The Korean War reaches its end. The end of this war marks the start of the relations between the east and west improving. The Soviet Union saw the greatest amount of success in improved relations.
      * The Russians are still considered an enemy however.
  * June-September of 1953 – Russians claim to want a better relationship with the US.
      * Georgi Malenkov, Soviet Premier, made the statement about the desire to improve the relationship between the two nations.
  * 1953 – Mao’s regime is not recognized by US Government.
      * The US refuses to recognize Mao’s regime as official in China
      * Dwight D. Eisenhower recognizes the government under Jiang Jieshi’s rule.
        * Jieshi’s government relocated to Taiwan.
  * 1954 - U.S. Government convinces other nations to agree upon the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization,
      * Along with the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, they also convinced nations to agree upon joining the Central Treaty organization. This was also known as the Baghdad pact.
  * Summer of 1954 –Ho Chi Minh gains the Northern half of Vietnam at the Geneva Conference.
      * American Secretary of State Dulles is angered that the Communists gain something from the conference
      * The United States is filled with anti-communist feelings.
  * 1955 – West Germany joins NATO
  * July 1955 – President Eisenhower meets with Khrushchev.
      * Soviets reject the open skies proposal
      * Eisenhower and Dulles were expecting the meeting with the Soviets to be unproductive.
  * Fall 1955 – US-Russian Relations slowly improve.
      * Music helps integrate the opposite cultures into the different countries.

The Second Dangerous Phase 1956-1962
  * 1956 – US assist aid to Southern Vietnam with the lead-up to the elections.
      *   Ngo Dinh Diem is assisted...

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