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Cogeneration Essay

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What is Co-Generation?
  *   Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of power/electricity, hot water, and/or steam from one fuel.
  * Cogeneration plant can reach system efficiencies exceeding 60%.
  * Cogeneration is an enery-efficient,environmentally-friendly method of producing electricity steam and/or hot water at the same time, in one process with one fuel.
  * It is a way of recycling energy

How is it made?
Molasses which is obtained from sugar is used together with fossil fuel to produce the heat energy like steam and hot water.
This process produces electricity which can be used in the power plant itself or be sold on a wider range that is to the population.
The heat energy can be used to burn bagasse to produce ethanol.
How Efficient it is ?
  * It reduces fuel cost.
  * This type of power can be used in various domain like schools, commercial laundries , nursing homes and in many others.
  *   Energy independence from foreign suppliers.
  *   A cleaner, greener, healthier environment as lower emissions to the environment, in particular of CO2, the main greenhouse gas.
  *   In some cases, biomass fuels and some waste materials such as refinery gases, process or agricultural waste (either anaerobically digested or gasified), are used. These substances which serve as fuels for cogeneration schemes, increases the cost-effectiveness and reduces the need for waste disposal.
  *   An opportunity to move towards more decentralized forms of electricity generation, where plants are designed to meet the needs of local consumers, providing high efficiency, avoiding transmission losses and increasing flexibility in system use.   This will particularly be the case if natural gas is the energy carrier.
Africa ?
  * Cogeneration is a fairly new technology in Africa, and only a few countries have ventured into the technology.
  * Mauritius is the leader in Africa's cogeneration projects.
  * "Mauritius meets close to 40% of its...

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