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Coastal Management Essay

  • Submitted by: Albie89
  • on March 18, 2012
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Coastal Management is an Important Geographical Issues in                   Australia
Coastal Management is the supervision of our coastal areas and the taking care of them. It is vital to manage our fragile costs as the length of our coastline is 30 270 km long, which surrounds the country with cliffs, bays, beaches, lagoons, coral reefs, wetlands and islands. As such, I strongly believe that coastal management is an important geographical issue.
Humans impact on coast greatly, because of our irresponsible actions. Building on foredunes, clearing at wetlands, sewage disposal, threatening of marine species and spills by passing ships and mining for oil and sand are just a few to home. Over the years, these actions has damaged the coasts tremendously and left them in a horrible state. Therefore, coastal management is an important geographical issue.
Geographical processes were another reason for why coastal management is important. Processes like erosion, transportation and deposition has gradually damaged our coastal areas. Erosion refers to the wind and waves that slowly break down rocks and other features of the coast. Transportation is when sand is carried away by the wind. Deposition is the build-up of sand, pebbles and shells. These are just a processes that affect the coastal areas.
Coastal management strategies implemented to protect those fragile environments include beach nourishment, groynes, fencing and boardwalks, fishing limits and dune revegetation. Beach nourishment is the artificial placement of sand on the beach, which is then spread along the beach by natural processes. Groynes are placed along the ends of the beach to stop sand being moved by long-shore drift, therefore protecting the beach. Fencing and broadwalks are placed around the beach to prevent treading. Fishing limits will reduce the amount of fish that are taken from the waters. Finally dune revegetation would bring back the dunes to the beaches. Coastal management is of vital...

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