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Cmn206 Essay

  • Submitted by: raider238907
  • on September 2, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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How do physiology, social experience, perception, culture and ethical principles influence your emotions? How do they affect expressing your emotions?

Culture has an affect on every aspect of emotions. Identifying which emotions are good or bad, when certain emotion should be expressed at a point in time, and even how they should be displayed are all influenced by culture. All of these terms are related to culture and the idea of what is morally correct. Every culture has their own ideas about emotions and how they are supposed expressed. No culture has the same ideas about emotions. 77 words

Do you have any control over the way you express your emotions? Why or why not?

No, most emotions are subconscious. The only way you could control your emotions is to understand why you are feeling about that but some people have genetic predispositions to anger or depression. So honestly there is no way to control all of your emotion you may be able to control a few emotions but every emotion cannot be controlled. Expressing your emotions though can be thought through. So yes you can control how emotions are expressed but not how your emotions are controlled. 83 words

How can managing your emotions and how you express them empower your ability to improve your interpersonal relationships?

Managing your jealousy, anger or depression can greatly improve your interpersonal relationship because all of these are considered bad traits to have in any relationship. Managing these emotions can be as simple as taking a breath before speaking or as complex as taking medication for depression. The way you express your emotions can greatly improve your interpersonal relationships because if you change the way you express the emotion it can come off as less offensive or defensive in a lot of cases. With being able to manage both you can greatly improve your interpersonal relationships because nothing would be misconstrued as another emotion.  
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  • Submitted by: raider238907
  • on September 2, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 347 words
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