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Cloud Security Essay

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What is Cloud Computing ?
 Way of sharing resources through the network.  Ability to run a program or application on many computers at the same time.  Storing & Accessing data / programs over the internet instead of computer’s hard-drive.

Architecture of Cloud Computing

Key Properties of Cloud Computing
 User-Centric : Once user connected with cloud, user can access images & data messages applications, whatever becomes authorized to the user access.  Task-Centric : Instead of focusing on the application, here the focus is on what we need to be done and the application customized for us.  Powerful : Connecting hundreds of computers together in a cloud creates a wealth of computing power which is impossible for a single desktop PC.

Key Properties of Cloud Computing
 Accessible : Data is stored in cloud and user can retrieve more information from multiple repositories.  Intelligent : with all the data stored in computers of cloud, data mining & analysis are necessary to access that information in an intelligent manner.  Programmable : many of the task necessary with the cloud must be automated. For example : Data to protect the integrity of data information stored on single computer must be replicable on other computers in cloud.

 Cloud Computing moves the application software and databases to the large data centers, where the management of the data and services may not be fully trustworthy.  So, it poses many new security challenges which have not been well understood.  In this article, we focus on cloud data storage security, which has always been an important aspect of quality of service.  To ensure the correctness of users’ data in the cloud, we propose an effective and flexible distributed scheme with two salient features, opposing to its predecessors.

From the perspective of data security,...

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