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Clothes Make the Man or Woman Essay

  • Submitted by: mrman09
  • on March 1, 2014
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Raymond Edmonson
English 101
Cynthia Mushett
Date of Assignment November 23, 2007
                              CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN OR WOMAN
Different type of clothes can make people feel confident, athletic, important and comfortable. Name brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Versaci make people feel important. This is due to the cost of the clothing and the big names in the modeling industry and Hollywood. Athletic name brands like Nike, Adidas and Converse make us feel athletic, as if we were an all-star athlete. Smaller names like Levi’s and Dickie can make people feel confident about themselves. The cost of these brands are usually not to expensive. Most people can afford to buy more of these brands, which means they can feel confident about themselves wearing a name brand of clothing.
Clothes that are very expensive make people feel important because they stand out from others when dining or at social gatherings. It really does not separate them from the others however, if they are simply wearing clothes they can not afford. People will often go to a big brand name store like Sac’s 5th Ave or Macys to shop buy one item to wear for the night, just to look more important than someone else then return it. There are times we need to got out and splurge on ourselves to feel important. We all need to feel important at one time or another.
Nike, Adidas and Converse are athletic sportswear. We wear these brand names to feel athletic about ourselves. For example if we put on a Chicago Bulls basketball jersey, which the team is sponsored by Nike, and a pair of retro Jordan’s, which is also a Nike product, we feel that not only do we look good but we can play just as good as we feel. This is an example of   having a confident feeling about the clothing we have on and about ourselves.
We have all seen in magazines television how some of the biggest names in Hollywood make different statements with their dress. When not on the set Ophra wears a pair of sweat...

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