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Close Relationships Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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COM200: Interpersonal Communication
Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication
Anne Schneeberger
September 6, 2011

      In the mid-twentieth century, scholars began to study communication as an academic discipline. As their study advanced, they contributed to our knowledge of how the communication process operates and why it succeeds or fails to achieve its purpose. From your own experiences, you probably know that communication can go astray and misunderstandings can occur at any number of places when you try to communicate with others. ”. (Sole, K. chap 2) After reading the article, “Close Relationship Sometimes Mask Poor Communication” It triggered my memory to a game I used to play as a child. Growing up I played a game called the end of line with my brothers and sisters, this game started with you whispering something in someone’s ear and have the last person at the end of the line would repeat what they heard   a loud. We found it amusing since nothing that was said ever got to the end of the line correctly. This article shows that communication can be misinterpreted no matter who the sender is. “The sender is the source of the interpersonal communication the person who originates the communication encounter. Before communicating, the sender must encode the idea that he or she wants to communicate, or put it into some form or code that the other person can understand”. (Sole, K. chap 2.2)
      The fact that husbands and wives misinterpreted each other is understandable, we each have different agendas on our minds and this causes use to read different meaning into what we hear. "A wife who says to her husband, 'it's getting hot in here,' as a hint for her husband to turn up the air conditioning a notch, may be surprised when he interprets her statement as a coy, amorous advance instead,"(health.usnews). Her husband clearly had sex on his mind while she was just genuinely hot. My girlfriend communicated...

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