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Cloning Essay

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A certain amino acid that is similar to serine-threonine protein kinases, the process of cloning itself creates more copies that when put within the same area they collectively are more resistant.
If all plants we cloned to be the same then they will have identical genetic make up. Thus if a virus can weipe out one plant it can essentially wipe out all them them
The difference is the stem cells are removed from the pre-embryo with the intent of producing tissue or whole organ for transplant back into the person who supplied the DNA. The pre-embryo dies in the process. The goal of therapeutic cloning is to produce a healthy copy of a sick persons tissue or organ for trans.
They took a nucleus from a sheep egg and replaced it with the nucleus of a mammary gland cell from an adult sheep and then transferred it to the surrogates uterus. Just like cloned plants.
This would relieve a number of people from their stand against harming animals. In addition, scientists could create animals with specific proteins and cell components that are identical to those essential for humans. Certain anti-autobodies occur in the plasma of animals and humans; Therefore testing of these antiatubodies can be don with cloned animal cells. So there are many benefits to cloning animals which could provide a longer life expectancy for humans
For instance dnaj a protein in E. coli QE30-fcolj, was cloned and used to immunize fish. Once immunized, the fish showed a positive antibody response against Dnaj. Therefore the protein cloned was immune against that strain of e. coli.
In December of 2002, the first human in history was cloned. Her name was eve and according to many genetic tests, she was an exact replica of her mother.   But as I was re-evaluating this conspiracy I found out this may not have been true due to the fact there is no physical evidence that it occurred
The process of cloning humans leads to another issue, a utopian society. if humans start being cloned more regularly,...

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