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Climate Change Essay

  • Submitted by: geffrey
  • on February 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Climate Change" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Climate change
Extant climate change effects
  * Temperature
      * Glacial retreat
        * Ocean environment
            * Sea level rise
Anomalies- difference from normal
  * Increased coral bleaching- Water>25 .C (sustained)
        * Bacteria attack coral and mutualistic algae expelled in immune response
  * Ocean acidification (normal ocean ph is 8.2, 7 is neutral and below is acid) seawater 8.2 is good for anything that contains calcium, and any with more acid harm creatures. (Acid is carbon dioxide and reduces ph of sea water from 8.2 to 8.1) making it harder for organisms to survive and this requires more energy in daily life.
        * Sea level rise due to the calcium in organisms skeletons
Effects of climate change
  * Extreme weather phenomenon – hurricanes (typhoons) which are increasing in frequency and intensity and droughts are more intense.
  * Changes in season timing- spring arriving weeks earlier, ecosystem disturbances.
  * Agriculture shifts-
  * Ozone hole may worsen with warming-
  * Permafrost melting- deeper active layer, more methane and carbon dioxide

Sea level rose 50mm since 1992 due mainly to heat expansion of water (ice melted and makes positive feedback to absorb heat better)

Life in marine biomes
  * Plankton life is extremely dilute and far from our experience.
Lights and carbon dioxide make sugar which is eaten by phyto-plankton
  * Thermodynamics forces plants to have a higher biomass
Phyto-plankton divided into cells but in zoo-plankton they eat one cell at a time
  * Plankton- Organisms which do not have the ability to resist the forces of the ocean. There by only floating through the ocean, cannot swim. Plankton life is difficult
  * Neckton- stronger and can swim where they need to go
  * Phytoplankton: main producers have dinoflagellates to help maintain themsleves closer to the ocean
  * Coastal zone biomes
  * Beaches must be stable otherwise plants can’t...

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