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Cleopatra Essay

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Who is Cleopatra?
Cleopatra was the last Egyptian Pharaoh.
What is the story?
Her parents had both ruled Egypt, and she wanted to rule as well. She had two older sisters, who would have been next in line to the throne, so she murdered them to secure her place as Pharaoh. Pharaohs were meant to be men, so she wore a fake beard. She then married her half-brother, who ruled with her, but then he died. Then she became Caesar's girlfriend, but he said she should marry her other brother to help the people of Egypt. She then had a child with Caesar, and hoped that he'd be next in line for the throne. Her brother said no, so she murdered him. Caesar was then murdered by his friends. She then became Marc Anthony's girlfriend. Cleopatra then tried to kill her little sister, Arsinoe, because Arsinoe was a threat to her throne. She put Marc Anthony's name on the assassination warrant, but as Arsinoe was murdered on the temple steps, Rome was scandalised, and Cleopatra suggested that they killed themselves or hid. Marc Anthony then killed himself, and then, as Marc Anthony was dead, Cleopatra killed herself too.
Archaeological Evidence and Tools
- The ruins of Cleopatra's palace and temple complex are sunken in waters off Alexandria.
- Topographical surveys have allowed underwater archaeologists to conquer the harbour's poor visibility.
- Divers are finding stunning artefacts, including coins, a statuette of a pharaoh and tiny amulets.
- Plunging into the waters off Alexandria, divers explored the submerged ruins of a palace and temple complex from which Cleopatra ruled, swimming over heaps of limestone blocks hammered into the sea by earthquakes and tsunamis more than 1,600 years ago.
- Using advanced technology, a team of archaeologists surveying ancient Alexandria's Royal Quarters, covered deep below the harbour sediment, and confirming the accuracy of descriptions of the city left by Greek geographers and historians more than 2,000 years ago.
- Alexandria's...

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