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Clat Question Paper

  • Submitted by: DiwakarSingh1
  • on June 26, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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AglaSem Admission

CLAT 2014 Question Paper [UG]

AglaSem Admission

ENGLISH INCLUDING COMPREHENSION Directions for Questions 1 to 10: Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option. 1) A vote.............. of proposed at the end of the meeting. (A) thanks were (B) thank was (C) thanks had been (D) thanks was 2) During the recession many companies will........... lay off workers. (A) be forced to (B) have the force to (C) forcefully (D) be forced into 3) She has good............. over the famous foreign languages. (A) expertise (B) command (C) control (D) authority

4) The Chairman pointed out in favour of the manager that the profitability of the industrial plant had ........ since he took over the administration. (A) arisen (B) declined (C) added (D) increased

5) When the examinations were over............ went to Paris. (A) me and Rohan (B) land Rohan (C) Rohan and me (D) Rohan and I





dm a


io s

.a n

l g

s a

m e


m o

6) Let's go forawalk...............? (A) can we (B) shall we (C) cant‟ we I (D) shouldn't we

AglaSem Admission

7) Had Anil been on time he ............ missed the train. (A) would not have been (B) had not (C) will not have (D) would not have 8) The most alanning fact is that infection is spreading ....... the state and reaching villages and small towns. (A) over (B) across (C) far (D) from 9) In big cities people are ...... cut from nature. (A) off (B) down (C) away (D) out

10) The dissidents ......... a great problem in every political party. (A) give (B) cause (C) pose (D) hold

Directions for Questions 11 to 15: The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph. 11) (a) Payment for imports and exports is made through a system called foreign exchange. The value of the money of...

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