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Cirrhosis Case Study

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  • on September 3, 2013
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Which information about cirrhosis should the nurse remember when responding to Frank's wife?
A) There are several types of cirrhosis with differing causes.
There are several types of cirrhosis with differing etiologies. The most common type of cirrhosis worldwide is postnecrotic cirrhosis which is the result of massive necrosis caused by hepatotoxins such as viral hepatitis. Biliary cirrhosis is caused by inflammation resulting in biliary obstruction in the liver and common bile ducts. Laennec's cirrhosis is primarily the result of changes in the liver due to alcoholism and malnutrition.
Only alcoholics get cirrhosis.
The most common type of cirrhosis worldwide is actually the result of hepatotoxins, such as viral hepatitis, which cause massive liver necrosis.
C) All alcoholics will develop cirrhosis.
No more than half of all alcoholics will develop Laennec's cirrhosis, which is the type of cirrhosis related to alcohol consumption. Laennec's cirrhosis is the most common form of cirrhosis in North America.
D) Spouses of alcoholics are at risk for cirrhosis.
There is no risk for cirrhosis by association with an alcoholic.
Which question is most important for the nurse to include when assessing the client for etiologic factors related to cirrhosis?
A) "Do you smoke cigarettes or use nicotine-containing products?"
Nicotine use is not associated with the development of cirrhosis.
"Have you been exposed to toxic substances where you work?"
Exposure to toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, can cause cirrhosis. The long-term use of hepatotoxic medications can also cause cirrhosis.
C) "Have you ever been told that you have high blood pressure?"
Hypertension is not a risk factor for cirrhosis.
D) "Do you eat a lot of high protein foods on a regular basis?"
Protein intake is not associated with the development of cirrhosis. Once cirrhosis develops, protein intake may...

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