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Cinematic and Character Analysis of Raymond Chandler's the Big Sleep

  • Submitted by: BreMerritt1
  • on March 2, 2014
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Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep introduced readers to Phillip Marlowe, a character whose tough guy persona was an early basis for the "dark detective" archetype that to this day remains a fixture in fiction. His colorful, convincing, and descriptive writing style gives his readers a confident grasp on the character of Marlowe. Chandler’s unique process of stealing unrelated short stories and mashing them up into his own remixed version leaves the reader with unresolved questions and loose ends. Complex and heavily intertwined, the plot folds back in on itself more than once in the duration of the novel and sometimes even collapses. The book is classified as a crime novel or murder mystery, but while plots in those genres are traditionally resolved by the final page, certain components of The Big Sleep never add up. For instance, there is a murderer whose identity is never revealed, not even in a sense of alluring mystery and anonymity, but in the sense that a reader may come to the conclusion that even the author himself could not foresee. Disconcerting as it may feel to some audiences, this aggressive ambiguity is actually a deliberate stylistic choice. Instead of presenting the novel as a neatly packaged account with all the story lines squared away to satisfy a casual reader, Chandler hoped that his audience would generously suspend their disbelief when confronted with the potential problematic points of a linear narrative and instead invest their admiration and care in the spotlight character, Marlowe. Iconic and dramatic, the weight of the Big Sleep’s success rests on the fictitious shoulders of Detective Phillip Marlowe, the enigmatic character that outshone the faulty story line and seduced a fan base far beyond the parameters of crime fiction readers.

Given that Marlowe's compelling character is a principal key to the success of the series, a film adaptation demands a performance of equal measure to dazzle moviegoers who were familiar with the literary...

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