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Christian Worldview Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Research and Program Evaluation Evidenced in the Bible
Valerie Schabilion
Liberty University
COUN 503
August 9, 2012
Dr. Timothy Heck

Research and Program Evaluation Evidenced in the Bible

While the debate on the exclusive nature of science and scripture continues (Cabal, 2007), one can find elements of research design and program evaluation evidenced in the Bible.
Adam and the Concept of Classification
In essence, classification refers to the process of naming that which is observed.   Dupre (2001) defines classification as “the practical activity of assigning the vast numbers of organisms in the world to particular kinds” p. 204.   In his discussion of the debate regarding the classification of species, Wilkins (2010) notes that the term ‘species’ is the Latin word meaning, “kind” (p. 142).   In the 18th century, Carl Linnaeus developed a classification system of three “kingdoms”, animals, plants, and minerals.   Today, however, scientists debate over a system of three domains and six kingdoms (Miller & Watson, 2009).
As a Christian scientist, one can argue that the first classification system was used in the garden of Eden as noted in Genesis 2: 19-20 (Cabal, 2007).   God presented each animal and bird to Adam and allowed him to give a name to each creature.   It is further noted in Genesis 2:20 that Noah brought two of every “kind” of animal onto the ark.   According to Cabal (2007), the word “kinds” referred to the animal’s general category or species.
Noah and the Concept of Measurement
In following God’s blueprint for the ark, Noah was using ratio data (Jackson, 2009).   In Genesis 6: 12-22, God instructs Noah how long, wide, and high to build the ark.   These instructions use a unit of measurement, called a cubit (Cabal, 2007).   Further, the time constraint God placed upon the completion of the ark is also ratio data, having order, equal units of measurement, and an absolute zero (Jackson, 2009).
Jethro and the Concept of Program Evaluation

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