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China Essay

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1. Discuss China’s strategy in Africa. Must provide specific examples and not just general comments.
It is no secret that China’s blooming economic success has contributed to the ongoing economic developments in today’s world economy. Perhaps one of the fastest growing economy for the last decade has make China a world economic power.
According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), “China has been a member of WTO since December of 2001”. This has helped China overcome existing trade barriers and be able to access foreign markets. Statistics reported in 2012 from WTO, ranked China as number one in the world trade of exports and number two in merchandise imports (WTO September 2013).
What exactly drives the Chinese economic strategy in Africa? China’s aggressive strategy driven by its interest in encapsulating commodities trading markets such as energy and minerals makes Africa the perfect resource for such widely-traded commodities.
According to Foreign Affairs “since 2004, China has concluded deals in at least seven resource-rich countries in Africa, for a total of nearly $14 billion. Reconstruction in war-battered Angola, for example, has been helped by three oil-backed loans from Beijing, under which Chinese companies have built roads, railways, hospitals, schools, and water systems. Nigeria took out two similar loans to finance projects that use gas to generate electricity. Chinese teams are building one hydropower project in the Republic of the Congo (to be repaid in oil) and another in Ghana (to be repaid in cocoa beans).”
  2. If you were the head of a Chinese business that was operating in Sudan, how would you address issues of business ethics and doing business with a repressive regime? Should businesses care about local government ethics and human rights policies?
Doing business in a foreign country can be challenging and to be successful at it, I would follow the political environment in Sudan. Although controversial, doing business in a...

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