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Chillian Mine Collaps Essay

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Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

January 7, 2013
Kay Sears

Chilean Copper Mine Collapse
Communication has a unique meaning to different people within each environment or culture. Such as, a topic of discussion may have a varied meaning to a student in class and a more personal meaning to an employee on the job site. A basic definition of communication is sending and receiving information between two people. When the sender and receiver acquire a shared understanding, successful communication is attained. A shared understanding of information involves understanding the feelings, thoughts, wants, needs, and intentions of the parties involved. To meet these elements, the sender/speaker must use the appropriate tone of speech, or punctuation/language in his or her information transmission. The speaker must determine the multiple roles of the public prior to starting his or her presentation. An audience could have a wide variety of beliefs, character traits, age ranges, or education levels. Therefore, to be a successful speaker proper audience preparation is a key element.
During the Chilean Copper Mine collapse on August 5, 2010 the audience was comprised of the families, coworkers, friends and captivated news networks surrounding the trapped miners. Their roles were diverse, but their emotions and questions about the incident were similar. In this situation, the speaker’s tone should be sympathetic and reassuring to help maintain composure in a period of anxiety and distress. During shocking incidents, reactions are mixed via emotional highs and lows. Modesto Alonso, an Argentine psychologist and researcher says, “in the face of such intense stress, some people literally die of fear and others find a resilience they did not know they had” (Moffett & Pica, 2010, para. 6).
The families of the trapped miners have many needs and priorities when word is passed regarding their trapped loved ones. Most important is their current health and safety,...

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