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Children of Men Essay

  • Submitted by: ksapp161
  • on June 20, 2014
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Dominik Seamon
WWII through film

I really enjoyed the movie “Das Boot” for a number of reasons. First off it was the first war movie I ever watched that wasn’t about glory or being a hero, it was plain and simple about survival. A group of men stuck in t he middle of the Atlantic in a U-boat, with no cover what so ever. All the bombing that took place from battleships when all they had was a submarine, and after that they get orders to travel through the Mediterranean where they are sunk and sitting at the bottom of the ocean. But the men seem to fix what needed to be fixed before the sub crumpled under all that pressure. Just seeing what those men went through and how they worked together to pull them out of each situation was unbelievable. And I got so into the movie most of the time I was cheering on the Germans.

I really wasn’t a big fan of “The Great Dictator”. I mean it was funny and I understand when it came out it was to make fun of Germany in the time of Hitler, but I don’t think it was an appropriate World War II film. While most of the story line was correct, a lot of the details were misleading and you have to know a lot of World War II history to follow it and have it be funny. Don’t get me wrong, in the sense of a Charlie Chaplin Comedy it was an alright movie, I just didn’t think it fit well in our film class.

I liked “Hitler Youth” quite a bit too. This film shows the building up of Hitler youth before the Nazis came into power. It showed the many obstacles they had to go through and separated the weak from the strong. The kids got abused physically and mentally and some couldn’t handle the pressure. I liked it because it seemed pretty accurate for drills they had to run and how they all got treated. The scene where the boys all had to swim in the lake under the ice really stood out to me. The fact that they would go the extent of having each person strip down to nothing and swim a good stretch under 6 inches of ice in the dead of...

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