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Chemistry Essay

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Matter and Chemical Reactions

Pre-Lab Preparation:

The reason we are doing this lab is because we are trying to see what will happen. When you put copper and silver nitrate together. Also after that I will see if any elements reacted and if so which ones and what is the name of the compound they formed.

Hypothesis: If I put the copper into the silver nitrate, then it will make some type of solid.

copper wire
AgNO3 solution
Stirring Rod
50-mL Graduated Cylinder
50-mL Beaker
Filter Paper
250-mL Erlenmeyer Flask
Ring Stand
Small Iron Ring
Plastic Petri Dish
Paper Clip
Bunsen Burner

Pre-Lab Questions:

1.) Read the entire CHEMLAB.

2.)Prepare all written material that you will take into the laboratory. Be sure to include safety precautions, procedure notes, and a data table in which to record you observations.

- Safety Precautions
Always wear safety googles, gloves, and lab apron.
Silver nitrate is toxic and will harm skin and clothing.
Use caution around a flame.

Reaction Observations
(min) Observations

3.) Define the terms physical property and chemical property. Given example of each.

Physical property: is a characteristic that can be observed or measured without changing the sample’s composition. (Ex. Crush, Boil, Freeze, Condense, etc.)

Chemical property: the ability of a substance to combine with or change into one or more other substances. (Ex. Corrode, Ferment, Rust, Burn, etc.)

4.) Form a hypothesis regarding what you might observe if...

a.) A chemical change occurs
- The copper might rust when it when in the solution.

b.) A physical change occurs
The copper might melt when it enters the solution.

5.) Distinguish between a homogeneous mixture and a heterogeneous mixture.

Homogeneous mixture: is one that does not blend smoothly throughout and in which the individual substances remain distinct.


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