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Checkpoint: Water Resource Challenges Essay

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Water Resource Challenges

Provide at least three freshwater and three ocean water resource challenges by filling in the following table. Then, respond to the question that follows:

Freshwater Resource Challenge Description
Climate Change Global warming dries up the water supply.
Water Pollution Human dumping of sewage, or other population in the water supply. Making it undrinkable.  
Irrigated Soil Irrigating water over and over again, until it is overused. This means the natural cycle of water no longer happens.
Ocean Water Resource Challenge Description
Over Fishing Fishing to the intent that we take out more fish that can be put back.
Sewage This happens when people either dump their garbage in the water source, or do not dump at all. Both cause population within the water system.
Agricultural Usage Using the ocean water for drinking of livestock and human usage.

In 200 to 300 words, respond to the following: Choose one fresh or ocean water resource challenge and describe in detail why the issue has become a problem and how human activities have contributed to the problem.

Water population has become a problem that seems to be out of control and we are running out of time to fix this problem. It is a problem because the level of water population we have now can kill the animals within the water. Some of these animals we use to feed many people, so it messes with our own food supply. If this is not stopped people may kill off all oceans and the very food supply we need. This would leave many people, who eat fish, to stare, if fish was there main means of food. Recently people, or human activities have contributed to this problem because not only are we still dumping, we are also still drilling in these water sources. We are still drilling even after one of the biggest, if not the biggest oil spills in our planets history. Because of this the water is dirtier than ever, many animals are dead, and many people have lost their...

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