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Chart Sa Malnutrition Essay

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  • on June 20, 2014
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NAME _______________________                                                               SET A
TIME:   _______________________   DATE:___________

  1. c_____ is the term that describes the actions a person takes in purchasing and using products and services.
      a. Marketing
      b. Market research
      c. Consumer behavior
      d. Consumer management
      e. Purchase development

  2. A When Edie fed her dog last night, she realized she was almost out of dog food. In which stage of the purchase decision process is Edie?
      f. problem recognition
      g. information search
      h. alternative evaluation
      i. purchase decision
      j. postpurchase behavior

  3. b When Thomas goes to the store to buy breakfast cereal, he considers buying Rice Krispies, Cocoa Krispies, Rice Chex, and any other cereal made with rice. These cereals are his:
      k. cognitive set.
      l. reference group.
      m. evoked set.
      n. subliminal choices.
      o. cognitive inducements.

  4. A An example of a public source of information for an external information search is:
      p. advertising.
      q. Consumer Reports magazine.
      r. sales personnel.
      s. friends and relatives.
      t. point of purchase displays.

  5. C How might consumers who purchased a new innovative type of running shoe try to reduce any cognitive dissonance they might feel?
      u. Use only an internal information search.
      v. Have little or no problem solving involvement.
      w. Read ads for running shoes even after the purchase has been made.
      x. Use routine problem solving.
      y. If the shoe is comfortable and gives the requisite support, there will be no cognitive dissonance.

  6. A For which of the following purchases would an elementary school teacher be most likely to engage in routine problem solving?
      z. new math books
      {. new software for her classroom...

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