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Chapter 5 Essay

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Hannah Hall
Chapter 6 Assessment
  1. D
  2. C
  3. C
  4. C
  5. D
  6. B
  7. D
  8. B
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12.   The greatest source of change in the biosphere has been human activity.
  13.   The green revolution was a period of modern agricultural techniques being introduced, such as fertilizer, to aid in increasing the worlds food supply.
  14. The air soil and water has been polluted due to industrial development. The ecosystem as a whole is affected including humans moving away from industrially developed areas these also affecting rural areas.
  15. Forests are called the lungs of the earth because they remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
  16. Smog, pesticides and domestic waste are all environmental pollutants.
  17.   Biodiversity is the sum total of the genetically based variety of all organisms in the biosphere.
  18. Biological magnification is when a substance increases in organisms at higher trophic levels in the food chain.
  19. CFC’s once they are carried into the stratosphere, are broken apart as UV rays hit them.
  20. Conservation is the wise management of natural resources, including the preservation of habitats and wildlife.
  21. Four natural services provided to the biosphere by ecosystems are solar energy: production of oxygen: regulation of climate and purification of water and air.
  22. The loss of biodiversity can affect humans in a negative way.
  23. Species diversity refers to the number of different species in the biosphere.
  24. Global warming would represent the core temperature from the time they instituted research.
  25. The cotton may have brought on the disease through monoculture due to the use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  27. 40,000 parts per million.
30.   Most of the organisms and species in the lake will have been destroyed by the acid rain.
31. It can reduce acid rain because they wont have any more chemicals to collect.

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