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Chapter 4 Sever Essay

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Fernando Sandoval
Chapter 4 Q’s
  1. What is the difference between system software and supplication software? Give four examples of personal productivity software.
      a. System software is the set of programs that coordinates the activites and functions of the hardware some example are, operating system, linux   windows server and z/OS
  2. What steps can a user take to correct software bugs?
      b. Register all software so that you receive bug alerts, fixes, and patches.
  3. Identify and briefly discuss two types of user interfaces provided by an operating system. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
      c. Graphical user interface (GUI) it displays pictures and menus that people us to send commands, user interface the element of the operating system that allows you access command
  4. What is a software suite? Give several examples.
      d. A collection of single programs packaged together. Examples are word processor, spreadsheet sprogram, database management system, graphics program,
  5. Name four operating systems that support the personal sphere of influence.
      e. Windows, Mac OS X, Google android, Windows server
  6. What is service-orient architecture (SOA)
      f. A modular method of developing software and systems that allows users to interact with systems and systems to interact with each other
  7. What is multitasking
      g. Users can run more than one application at a time
  8. Define the term utility software and give two examples.
      h. A program that helps to perform maintenance. To secure and safeguard data
  9. Identify the two primary sources for acquiring application software.
      i. Two primary sources are multitasking and time sharing
  10. What is cloud computing? What are the pros and cons of cloud computing?
      j. Cloud computing is being able to store your work on the internet. The pros are its on the internet rather than installing or storing in...

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