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Change and Transition Essay

  • Submitted by: wurckberry
  • on March 1, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The Catalogue

1 Curator’s introduction & contents 2 Contemplating the rhythm of life by Doroty sanussi 3 Double exposure series by Pakayla Biehn 5 When you escape by Jessica stewart 7 A ghost story by emma bennett 8 A change in media by david hockney 9 Visitor’s feedback

Curator’s Introduction
Change and Transition. How has art bring about change and transition in society and individuals? Change is everywhere. In life, in culture, in technology, in the world, in art. This exhibition is a collection of selected contemporary artworks that portrays change and transition through a certain way. ‘Change and transition’ as a theme is versatile and open to interpretation. I like to think of change and transition in the literal sense and in symbolism. Some of the artists I’ve chosen for this exhibition have shown change and transition in these ways, but others give a different meaning to ‘change and transition’. For example, the famed David Hockney. I took a step back and looked at Hockney’s life instead. In particular, his artwork over time. Most artists like to master one medium and produce a great deal of work to develop their skill in the particular medium but artists like Hockney loved to experiment. The works selected for this exhibition presents the key mediums Hockey employed with in his career. Hockney is just but one of many artists on display whose work had relation with change and transition. This catalogue displays the works and their artists that I’ve selected for exhibition; artists whom I believe best communicate the theme of change and transition; some of which had even been the inspiration to my own piece. They made me realize the different meanings of change and transition and how it has affected their artwork. Coming to this exhibition, I hope you find your own interpretation of the theme, ‘change and transition’, and let it inspire you to think about how art in turn may have prompt change and transition in you....

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