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Change Essay

  • Submitted by: DavidColon1
  • on March 25, 2014
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Change is a very common and a big part of life. Whether the change is good or bad is up to you. Change can be scary, and you can dread it. Or you can’t wait and you’re overly excited about what the outcome will be. Over the course of the past six years I changed tremendously for the better. I stopped being other people’s stomping grounds.
Before I changed into the person I am today, I was probably one of the biggest doormats you would ever meet. People asked me for everything such as dollars, pens, gum, anything they could get from me. I was that way because growing up in an urban housing development showed me what it was not to have certain things, so when I had them and people asked me for something, I shared. That’s just the type of person I was. On another note, I had this little quiet voice and I was very shy. I guess you can say I was the little nerd everyone picked on. I always wanted to be popular in school but it never happened for me… not in elementary school at least. There were a group of popular girls that I always wished I could fit into but instead I got made fun of. I was probably one of the nicest people in that school but I got made fun of. Some change was definitely needed.
I’m grateful for all my friends that I have now. But I’m most grateful for my two best friends Taylor and VJ. If it weren’t for them guiding me and helping me change myself I would have been a flight of stairs by now, people just taking advantage of me just running up and down all over me. Taylor taught me how to speak up. She broke me out of my shell.   She’s a little crazy, so being around her so much she brought my craziness out of me. She helped me through a lot of problems and she gave me advice about not being a steppingstone for other people. It took some work and effort but I learned. VJ taught me a lot about how to be street smart. Information that I should know in certain areas, basically how to understand not to trust anyone and how to be safe going into certain...

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