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Central Symbol Of All Quiet On The Western Front Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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All Quiet on the Western Front Essay
In All Quiet on the Western Front (a book about war and death) the central symbol is earth. Earth is the central symbol because it relates to motherhood, life, death, and perverse nature. Earth exists in this book as soldiers’ safe and dangerous place. The main purpose of the soldiers on the field is to survive no matter the cost. Sometimes earth helps the soldiers live and sometimes brings them to death. Earth shows life by growing food for the soldiers also by protecting them from the ammunition. It shows death because people are buried in it when they die. Earth also resembles motherhood because it protects the soldiers from some harm, just like their own mother would. Earth shows perverse nature because it is being destroyed by the soldiers and the beauty is taken from it. There are many other symbols in the book but the central symbol is earth because earth it is the only thing you can depend on in the war.
Before W.W.I, most wars were thought and seen as noble acts. But when people learned from books like All Quiet on the Western Front they didn’t think that anymore. They also learned that their only friend is earth. Remarque shows this on page 55. He wrote “When he presses himself down upon her long powerfully…..” In this part of the book the soldiers are under an attack. The Frenchmen aren’t showing any mercy and bombarding them, leaving behind big holes in the ground. The bombs are making the earth perverse by taking away its life and leaving behind death. The new recruits fall to the ground and try to protect themselves from the bombs. In the quote earth is symbolizing its motherhood. A mother would protect its kids from anything harmful even of it must be hurt or even killed in the process. That is earth did in this part to protect the soldiers. When the bombardments hit the earth, the bomb takes away lives but it lets them get close to their dear friend earth which tries to protect them like a mother. The earth...

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