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Cells Essay

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  • on June 24, 2014
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Overview of the Current State of Technology
Security systems nowadays are in demand in every type of facilities like houses, stores, vaults and any places on a particular facility that needs a high reliable security. Security systems are defined as the measure of security that will automatically alert the owner or the responsible person on the particular area that threats or dangers are occurring in the said area. Many facilities nowadays rely on this kind of system to ensure the safety of valuable things, data and even for their selves.   And this security system exists in different kind of variations.
Motion detection¬†is a process of confirming a change in position of an object relative to its surroundings or the change in the surroundings relative to an object. Motion detection is usually a software-based monitoring algorithm which, when it detects motions will signal the surveillance camera to begin capturing the event.   According to Karp( 2012), motion detectors as the product of motion detection are applied nowadays in security systems to improve the security and make it more reliable also minimize false alarm.
Sending SMS as a notification is highly reliable basis of alarming a certain person to know if a threat of deceitful act is occurring. Since everyone know how to use cell phones and always bring it with them makes this SMS notification in the system more reliable even if the owner or the person responsible is not present in the area.
As stated, many facilities rely on security system to ensure the safety of the valuable things and also their own safety. Slowly they change the traditional kind of security where a person was needed to secure the whole area from time to time since humans has its own limitation on their physical and moral capacity. Also, they combine human security with security systems to ensure the safety of their facility and their family.
Project Context iba to bebe ha
This project “Server Room Monitoring and...

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