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Cell Structure and Function Essay

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Ch   4     Cell Structure and Function


all organisms comprised of cells (human has about 75 trillion) and fluids


basic structural unit/functional unit of life

        building blocks of all organisms

originate from preexisting cells

carry the hereditary information (DNA) to create copies of
                        themselves and control all their functions

Cell Structure:

despite great variation in size and function

all posses:

flexible bubble like plasma membrane

that wraps jellylike cytoplasm

suspended in this jelly like cytoplasm are a variety of

site of specialized function in cell city

Two Fundamental Cell Types:

Procaryotic cells:


very simple small cells
genetic material (DNA) floats free in center of cell:

not wrapped in nuclear membrane

lack many of membrane bound organelles:

many functions spread out within cell

not concentrated in one region/no centralization
of tasks

despite small size and simplicity have rapid rate
of growth and division

tremendous metabolic diversity

*reserve bacteria and archae to 102

Eucaryotic Cells:

much large, more complex cells

all other cells including plant, animal and protist cells

central membrane nucleus holds DNA

many specialized organelles:

organelles that are membrane bound have advantage of compartmentalized/organized
biochemical activity

more efficient regionalized cellular

concentration of material and equipment
need to perform certain functions:

eg:   powerhouse

manufacturing and packaging   centers

shipping centers

transportation system

emergency self destruct station

Cell Size:

limited by requirement that all...

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