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Cell Phone Use and Cancer Essay

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Cell Phone Use and Cancer: Utilizing Scientific and News Articles to Evaluate their Relationship

This paper explores the efficacy of the conclusion set forth by Stefan Lonn, Anders Ahlbom, Per Hall, and Maria Feychting in their 2004 article titled “Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma.” The paper does so by exploring a case study and five news articles referenced therein. Using their knowledge of scientific method, the team members analyze the efficacy of the methods used in the scientific study as well as analyses provided in the news articles to come to an overall conclusion regarding the findings of Lonn et al. and to suggest possible ways to more accurately study the relationship between cell phone usage and cancer.
Keywords: meningioma, acoustic neuroma, mobile phone usage

                                                        Introduction and Hypothesis
Our team chose to explore the case study wherein the relationship between mobile phone usage and cancer is explored. The case study itself is quite brief and sets in motion further investigation of the subject. In the case study itself, a mother and her daughter are discussing the daughter’s usage of a cell phone and the mother’s concern over her hearing that a link had been shown between cell phone usage and cancer. The mother’s second daughter interjects that her class is currently discussing that very subject via several news articles on the subject. The intent of this paper is to illustrate the exploration of team members of the journal article “Long-Term Mobile Phone Use and Brain Tumor Risk” (Stefan Lonn,et. al, 2004) and how it correlates with the news articles referenced in the case study scenario described above. The hypothesis of the journal article, the case study, and therefore of our group is: long-term mobile phone use increases the risk of brain tumors.
Review of Literature and its Scientific Methods
To   begin, we will review the findings of the scientific...

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