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Cause and Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: shaownhazari
  • on March 26, 2014
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Topic Sentence: How to Lose Weight

Thesis Statement
Losing weight a prime concern for many is a combination of regular exercise,healthy diet & maintaining a mental stability & balance.

Supporting Points:
1.Physical Exercise
3.Mind Fresh

Topic Sentence of 1st supporting para:
Swimming, Cycling &Weight Lifting are effective means of Physical Exercise.
3.Weight Lifting

Topic Sentence of 2nd supporting para:
For maintain a balanced diet,one has to have balanced intake of both liquid and solid foods.

2.Fruits and Vegetables
3. Meat and eggs

Topic Sentence of 3rd supporting para:
Mind refreshment is all about keeping your self cool.
1.Lisenting Music
2.Watching TV
3.Sound Sleep

Topic Sentence of concluding para:

Losing weight---it depends one’s self, losing weight is not as difficult as it is thought if you have enough patience.

How To Lose Weight

Swimming is a good sport for those who not only want to have weight loss but also need to improve their challenged height.Swimming about one to two hours at weekends is enough.Remember to divide the exercise into small parts for the first few times because your body may not be familiar with long practice yet.Secondly,if you can add cycling to your exercise schedule, it will help a lot.By going cycling,you can both easily spend your energy,contemplate beautiful scenes and enjoy fresh air on the very cool mornings.Cycling about five to ten kilometers a day is very helpful.Finally,if you can,you should do weight-lifting because this sport is the best and fastest way to burn fat.However,it may be dangerous if you do it the wrong way or so seriously.Therefore,you need to consider your health status and do the sport carefully.As you see, physical exercises are a very effective way to lose weight and,according to many scientists, to have a beautiful skin.
Doing exercises only is not enough because you only lose weight when the energy you...

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