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Cause and Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: heartzonfire7
  • on September 2, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is a free excerpt of "Cause and Effect Essay" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

    Topic Write a 5 paragraph cause-effect essay on the topic of consumerism.   You should use the outline you turned in for Writing Assignment 1
    Requirements   Your essay paragraphs should follow the format below:  
    1) Introduction.
        2) Explanation of 1st cause/effect
        3) Explanation of 2nd cause/effect
        4) Explanation of 3rd cause/effect
    5) A thoughtful conclusion that restates your thesis and notes the significance of your topic.


Deadlines 13 June: Reading Test 2 (“Bottled Water” and “Nutrition”)
13 June: Final Draft Due

    Format 2-3 pages typed and double spaced.   MLA format for heading page layout.   Font size should be 12.   Font should be Times New Roman.

    Purpose To develop skills in evaluating and analyzing a topic.   To strengthen skills in considering audience and controlling tone.   To introduce MLA format.
    Course Learning Objectives This Assignment Addresses:
        a. Analyze and consider audience and purpose in writing.
        b. Strengthen writing skills
        c. Choose and use appropriate prewriting strategies
        d. Use an outline to organize paragraphs and essays
        e. Use topic sentences, thesis statements, transitions, and other devices to make writing more coherent.
        f. Identify strategies for paragraph and essay development.
        g. Proofread to eliminate grammatical errors that interfere with effective writing.
        h. Edit essays for sentence clarity and effective word choice.
    Audience Your essay should be written for an academic audience of fellow students.

    A Paper Paper is interesting and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the issue.   Maintains objectivity throughout.
    Effectively uses support to develop ideas.
    Organization is clear and effective, with a well developed introductory...

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