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Catholic Identity Essay

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  • on August 29, 2013
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Catholic Identity Questions
Catholic Differences

Who is God?
Our Father, Perfect Spirit, Supreme Being, all good, all knowing, all present eternal, and almighty.
For what purpose was the human created?
To know, love, and serve God in this life and share in heaven
Explain that the human is created in God's image.
Like God, humans have souls.
Define what it means that the human person is good.
God's law for natural order is that human hearts know and choose what is good- it is more grace than sinful.
What does it mean that the Catholic church is communal?
We are responsible to and for each other.
What is the sacramental principle?
God is everywhere – it is a matter of finding him in everything.
What are scripture and tradition?
Bible and time tested truths and practices, inherently bound together/divinely revealed.
What is holistic faith?
Our whole being is always practicing faith.
What is meant by Social Justice?
Doing Gods will of peace and justice for all humans.
Who is spiritual?
Everyone is spiritual – We all have Ruah.
What does the word catholic mean and how does it apply?
It means universal and welcomes all regardless of their human circumstance.
What do Catholics believe about free will?
We may choose to do good or evil.
What is Real Presence?
In Eucharist, the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.
What does the Catholic Church believe about Mary?
She was conceived without sin, Mother of God, ever virgin and assumed into heaven.
What does the Catholic Church say about Saints?
They are   holy men and women on earth and heaven and intercede on our behalf.
Are Catholics saved?
Yes, at Baptism and we must remain faithful to the Jesus' Church
What is the primary source of Catholic Identity?
The Mass.

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