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Caso Financial Essay

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FIN 377-4: FINANCIAL ANALYSIS (Spring 2011)

Instructor:   Dr. Kamm, Department of Finance, GSB 5.124C
Email:   kelly.kamm@mccombs.utexas.edu
Instructor Office Hours: 2-3:30 Tuesday and Thursday
T.A.s: John Friesen and Dan Zablotney, MBA Students
Section 03130: 11-12:30 CBA 4.348; reserved days in trading center
Required Tutorial:   Yield Curves and Bond Ratings Tutorial
Required Reading Packet:   Packet of Harvard, Ivey, Stanford, Darden Cases
Course Notes: Overhead notes, spreadsheets, major assignments etc. posted to Blackboard
Suggested Subscription: WSJ (subscribe); helpful in stock research and papers
Financial Calculator Required: Financial Calculator HP 10b11 or 17b11
Financial Software: Bloomberg, Stock-Trak stock, bond, and other asset simulation


Financial Analysis is designed for finance majors in order to improve their skills at analyzing companies and to advance their knowledge of finance theory and application. The overall financial analysis includes:   bond valuation, financial statement analysis, financial ratios, financial forecasting, beta and the CAPM, the weighted average cost of capital, the Gordon Growth model, discounted cash flow analysis and multiples. Students are expected to integrate skills of finance, economics, and accounting in the course.   The course is quantitative and analytical in nature; we made use of the trading center throughout most of the term.   Students calculate and interpret financial data, build spreadsheet models, and make general conclusions about the financial health of a company and its intrinsic value.

In this course a combination of methods is utilized with special emphasis on student involvement and teamwork.   The professor reviews terms and theory, asks questions, demonstrates techniques, assigns problems and guides students in their case preparation.   Students take a very active part in this class.   Much of the learning in this course will take place outside of the...

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