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Case Study

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  • on February 26, 2014
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John Doe lacked having morals in my opinion. He returned back to the apartment that morning after everyone had left and entered a location in which he lawfully did not belong in an attempt to knowingly commit a crime. John Doe most likely was charged for burglary due to the elements of the offense which he committed; such as trespassing, breaking into a dwelling, and with knowing intent of the actions which he is going to commit. I feel that John Doe, in a small way, showed deviant behavior, along with committing a crime at the same time. It is not a norm within society for a person to want to rape another. John is most likely a well-known student at his college since he is on the power lifting team. Most times school athletes have a following of their own. By attempting to rape this young lady, he committed a violent crime.
John was reported to have run out of the house naked. This shows deviant behavior, along with indecent exposure. This is a prime example of the overlapping of crime and deviance, as the text outlines. Social policy plays a major role within this case study. The attempt that was made by John adds to the leading reason why Americans feel that crime is still high. Women, more so than men, feel that they can become victims.   They are at times worried about if an attack will come from a person they know or an attacker from the streets. This is a view and insight of social problem perspective, keeping in mind that crime is a manifestation of underlying social problems.
The text outlines that an offender normally comes with some type of history, such background, a personal life experience, personal values and beliefs, along with a host of skills and knowledge. John Doe used his strength to force himself upon the victim. John used his free will to make a choice that was not rational, and yet he knows if he is caught he will face criminal punishment.

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