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Caribbean Studies Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Identities of the Caribbean Shaped Through Various Aspects of the Caribbean Society

Throughout the Caribbean history, there are many instances in which its society is formed. These instances, whether they are minor or major, have an impact on individuals in this society. They help shape and develop an individual throughout their lives and find their true selves and character which is also known as an identity. An identity in the most basic form is created by experiences that make an individual themselves. In regards to the Caribbean experience, by looking at the history, culture, language and art of the Caribbean, we can see that throughout these various aspects, they shape and develop an identity for the Caribbean.

One’s identity can be seen through the history and their ancestry. This helps develop their background as to what their ancestors had to go through in order for the individual to be here today. For instance, colonialism and racism are major aspects that helped develop the independence and freedom of the Caribbean. "The European powers are the reason for the colonies in the Caribbean and were known to the Europeans as “de novo”, which means virgin territories" (Lewis, 1983). Each island in the Caribbean has a different aspect from colonialism that sets them apart. For instance, the English left a mark on Barbados. The French left a mark on Martinique. The Dutch left a mark on Surinam. The Spanish left a mark on Cuba and the Danes left a mark on the Virgin Islands. The areas of the Caribbean have different names such as The Spanish Main and The West Indies to set it apart from their neighbouring countries. "One of the most important experiences for the Caribbean economy is the abolitionist movement that happened in the nineteenth century" (Lewis, 1983). In its most basic form, the abolitionist movement was the sugar cane production and was a major investment for the Europeans. For harvesting, cheap labour was forced upon ten million Africans that...

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