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Careers Essay

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Kevin Burns used the scare tactic in order to get his message across in his lecture.   He warned us that in the last two years only 25% of students who have a degree have walked out of college with a job, and that there is a 4.5% unemployment rate for college graduates.   He urged us all to get involved more early on in our college years.   I learned that I need to start looking for internships early, preferably before junior year, and that I need to stand out as a leader.   I also learned that a business degree is a commodity and it “don’t get me much”. On top of my degree, or two, I should have a list of involvements that make me stand out from other students and that give the companies a good reason to pick me as their intern or hire me for a job.   The three R’s are very important and essential to success: read, reach, and relationships.   Reading weekly business publications keeps you up to date and involved in real world crises, and can help teach some common knowledge about hands-on experience.   Reach is to always strive to be something better and to work harder towards your goals.   Relationships is more important than networking; you don’t want to just “know of” someone, you want to strike up a conversation and find what you have in common and then grow off of that foundation.   I will always remember the advice given to me by Kevin Burns because it is getting more and more competitive out in the world and I need to be unique and make a name for myself if I want to find a job that will hire me and that I enjoy.

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