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Cardiovascular System Essay

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Systemic blood circulation is a part of cardiovascular system or circulatory system. Circulatory system is divided in two parts: systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation. In the former case, the purified blood from the heart is collected with the help of arteries and is supplied to different parts of the body. Then the impure blood from different parts of the body is taken to the heart with the help of veins. Then comes the role of pulmonary circulation which consists of purification of blood which is done in the lungs. The heart provides the blood to the lungs where the carbon dioxide is removed from the blood cells and is replaced with oxygen. Then this oxygenated blood is transferred to the heart for further process.

Systemic Circulation Pathway
This circulation pathway includes arteries, arterioles, capillaries, veins, venules, etc. All these circulatory system organs participate in this process and are assigned with a particular work. Let's find out how oxygenated blood reaches different parts of our body and how deoxygenated blood is taken back to the heart for further purification.

Oxygenated Blood
The process starts when oxygenated blood is sent to the human heart from the lungs. The blood comes to the left atrium and then heart pumps out oxygenated blood to the left ventricle. From the left ventricle blood is pumped to the major artery known as aorta. Aorta further divides into two main arteries. One artery goes up to the shoulder and head and the other goes down to the legs, stomach and other lower parts of the body. The artery going up divides into subclavian artery which goes to the shoulder and carotid artery which supplies blood to the head and the neck region.

The artery going downwards divides itself into hepatic artery which goes to the liver, renal artery which goes to the kidney, mesenteric artery which supplies blood to the stomach and intestine and finally the iliac artery which goes to the genitals and legs. The arteries are...

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