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Car Adventure Essay

  • Submitted by: Baltimore1
  • on March 24, 2014
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Car Adventure

  Any decision you make, good or bad, molds you into the person you are. There are many bad decisions that I had make in my short life, decisions that hurt and disappointed my family at the moment and maybe still hurting them. Life had been kind of tough for me.
Ones of my decisions that I made was when I was 16. I was really immature, I do not going to lie, was that kind of teen that wanted to experience everything and think that there no limit and that you are an invincible person. Maybe is that why now I am so quiet. That morning, I had classes; my school was a couple blocks from my house so I had always went walking. I was the last person that leaves the house in the mornings. My parents went to work around 5 o’ clock .Parents had two cars one belongs to my mother and one belongs to my father, for some reason my mother no longer took her car, my father took her to work. I think they wanted to carpooling or something. I was alone in my house and I had this brilliant idea of taking my mother’s car and drive it to school. I did so for a week, nobody notice. I rode the car every morning with my friends and we didn’t go to school we went somewhere else, sometimes we went to the beach, other days to the mall or just driving. until one day my mother received a call from school. They said that I have not been in class for the last week and that they didn’t know what was going on with me. She talk to me about it and I denied everything, I told her that I was in class that it was some kind of confusion or something, She seemed to believed me so I relax and let it go. The next day I went to school in the car again everything was fine until it was time to get out of class. My mother was talking in the hall with my teacher. My mother looked at me with confused eyes at first then with anger. She didn’t need to say anything I could tell for her glance that she knew. We went home in the car and she did not say anything in the way until we arrived she said...

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