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Can You Sense Your Hormones? Essay

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Our thermoreceptors and touch receptors adapt quickly to different stimuli.   For example,
the thermoreceptors are activated by a change in temperature and the touch receptors are activated when we touch a hot or cold object, or a rose thorn, etc.   When we touch these objects specialized nerve endings will activate.   Referred pain is defined as a pain originating   in a deep organ but is sensed as if originating from the body’s surface.   For example, a person may be experiencing shoulder pain but in fact the pain be originating from the gall bladder due to the presence of a gallstone(s).   The reason referred pain may be dangerous is because due to the pain being on the body’s surface the person may ignore it or take pain relievers to alleviate the pain. When in fact they are placing themselves more at risk due to not responding to the body and what it is trying to tell the person, that there is an underlying problem.
Olfaction is responsible for the sense of smell and gustation is responsible for the sense of taste.   These two senses work very close together and it has been found that people that lose their sense of smell will also complain of their food not having any taste, this is due to smell and taste being closely linked in the brain.   Hair cells in the ears take part in the process of hearing and if damaged can cause loss of hearing or balance.   This is due to these hair cells being tipped with calcium deposits, which make the ends of the hair cells top-heavy and motion-sensitive. When the head is turned, endolymph moves through the semicircular canals past the hair cells. As these cells are stimulated, electrical impulses are transmitted through the balance nerve to the brain.   Rod’s and cone’s differ in the following manner:
a. Rod’s are located at the periphery of the retina while cone’s are located in the center.
b. Rod’s are active during dim light while cone’s are active during bright light.
c. Rod’s are responsible for night vision while cone’s...

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