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Can We Clean Up Craigslist Essay

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Enough is enough. Let's get these scammers/dealers/wannabes off of the Craigslist "by owner" section.
At the least they waste our time... at most they cost us thousands of dollars. I've been from least to most.
These guys are a joke. Many of them don't even clean their cars, change the oil, look at the brakes, they smell like cigars and cigarettes or mold... It's ridiculous. It really pisses you off when you drive across the valley to look at a car someone says is in great condition when it's really not even in good condition.
These guys get real creative with their ads. They take their cars to nice parks and nice neighborhoods because they know that influences buyers... They don't want you to know that they probably just picked the car up at an auto auction last week. And watch out for the ones with tricky photography: dark pictures, out of focus, cars sitting under the broken shade of trees, colored lenses... These types of things are meant to hide defects. Also, watch out for the ones with no pictures at all or the fancy glossy ones with only an email to respond to, usually on deals that seem too good to be true.
Watch out for ones with no license plates or dealer plates... A dead giveaway!
You can copy their phone number and paste it in the search bar. Be sure you are in the "by owner" section and click the "entire ad". You may be surprised what comes up. Some of these scammers have dozens of ads, some may have just two or three.
Watch out for ones that put their phone number as: "7one3-four97-72five...", Or the ones with no phone number at all.
There are some honest and reputable dealers but they are not in the "by owner" section. These scammers/dealers/wannabes start out by telling you a lie.
IF YOU START WITH A LIE...WHERE DO YOU GO FROM THERE??? If you want to look at cars from honest reputable dealers who stand behind their product go to the"by dealer"section and look for the ads that say:


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