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Caltpa Task 1 Sample Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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A. Contextual Information for Case Study 1

1. Elements of a Learning Experience in a Unit
Grade: Third
Content Area: Language Arts
Subject Matter: Reading and writing  
Time Period for the Learning Experience: Two 30-minute sessions in two consecutive days

State-adopted Academic Content Standards for Students
Reading: Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level Appropriate Text
2.5 Distinguish the main idea and supporting details in expository text
Writing: Organization and Focus
1.1 Create a single paragraph:
a. Develop a topic sentence
b. Include simple supporting facts and details

Learning Goals for the Learning Experience
Students will be able to do the following with a focus on reading and writing:
• Identify the main idea of an expository text
• Identify three supporting details from the expository text
• Summarize the expository text using the main idea and three supporting details in one paragraph

Instructional Resources Available
• Age-appropriate expository text and writing journals

2. Class Description
Students are in a self-contained third grade class.   The school is located in a middle-level, socio-economic community. It is the middle of the academic year. Most of the students are eight years old. They particularly need opportunities to learn content in different ways and to revisit content.   Many of the students enjoy the school environment and like to socialize with each other. Most of the students are active in after-school activities, including sports, clubs, tutoring, and other community activities, which leaves little time for homework.  

3. Developmental Needs of the Students in Grade 3
• Experience a structured day
• Develop age-appropriate literacy skills
• Participate in hands-on experience

B. Questions for Case Study 1

1. Given the contextual information for Case Study 1, think about a lesson you might use with these students that addresses the subject matter learning goals and the...

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