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Calligraphy Essay

  • Submitted by: princess10134
  • on June 26, 2014
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A poster I was working on for school was supposed to be persuasive and catch the reader’s attention. The title was supposed to draw the reader in which would hopefully make the reader read the poster. I decided to write the title in printing with straight lines but the writing didn’t look like it would catch the reader’s attention. So then I decided to write the title in bubble letters but that didn’t look like it would catch the readers attention either. So then once again I wrote it a different type of writing. I wrote in cursive this time. That didn’t look like it would catch the reader’s attention once again. I didn’t know what to write. Later that night my parents were asking me about my calligraphy classes and that was when it hit me. Of course why couldn’t I write my title in calligraphy. I was sure that it would catch the reader's attention and make the reader want to read the poster. So today we will be focusing all on calligraphy, the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush. First we will talk about the history of calligraphy and then move on to the parts of a calligraphy pen, then we will go on to writing our way about how to choose what to write with and lastly we finish writing up about how to write in calligraphy.
When we think about calligraphy, we never think about when calligraphy came about. The first thing to know is that calligraphy never came first. It was cave drawings that came first which was used to communicate between people. Then if we go all the way to Egypt, the Egyptians wrote using hieroglyphics. It was one of the first forms of early communication which came about in 3600 BC. While over in Europe the Greeks were influenced by the Phoenicians and developed their own kind of writing which was adopted for the Latin language. The Phoenicians were actually the ones who were believed to be the first ones who developed the first writing systems. They were the sea faring type and they passed their talents to...

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