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Business Studies Essay

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P4 – Reasons behind choice of media in a successful promotional campaign
Introduction – Coca Cola Share a Coke Campaign
The campaign that I will be talking about is the Coca Cola enterprise “Share a coke campaign”. This campaign got numerous of people sharing and talking about this specific campaign because it was generally based on the customers and it also increased the consumption of the brand over the summer holidays. The share a coke campaign was basically done by swapping the logo on the bottles with 250 of the most popular names in the UK, this type of advertisement was based on the emotions of getting friends and family sharing a coke with their names on them. The business wanted people to not only consume the product but to admire the brand too.
  1. Increase consumption of coke over the summer
  2. Getting people talking about the campaign
  3. Wanted people to consume the product as well as loving the brand
Media choice to promotional objectives
These were the objectives that Coca Cola planned to achieve when doing their share a coke campaign. They chose different type of media in a way for them to promote and advertise their campaign, for the first objective it was all about getting their customers attention in buying their products. The most successful way the company had achieved this is when they started selling coke bottle with peoples name on them instead of the company’s original logo and the type of media they used was TV advertisement and billboards. This created a lot of major attention and awareness for the customers because it was something unique and special being able to have your own name in a big company brand.
For the second objective, the coca cola company wanted to get people to talk about the campaign allowing expanding more, soon enough their customers started to talk and share they’re experience with friends and family. This was done by customers using social media such as Twitter and Facebook,...

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